Speeding up the preparation of electronic maps is needed to support the on-going registration of real estate. This project will establish a solution for the conversion, storage and distribution of geographic data to the two mapping agencies in BiH.


The aim of the project is to improve capacities of the state administration partners for the preparation, storage and dissemination of geographic information in order to improve real estate registration and to improve the access to geographic information. We believe that increased property transaction and a well-developed property market will contribute to economic and social development of BH and accession to the EU.


Establishing a digital archive for the two mapping agencies in BiH is happening in close cooperation with the World Bank and Sweden's Lantmäteriet, who also have projects with the two cadastre and mapping agencies: Lantmäteriet's "Capacity Building for Improvement of Land Administration and Procedures in Bosnia and Herzegovina" (CILAP) project and The World Bank's 'Real Estate Registration project '. The projects will be harmonised in order to avoid overlap and to maximise benefits.


The project consists of the following key activities:

  1. Development of IT Strategies
  2. Development of one document describing the Digital Archive System Architecture with workflow management and technical specifications for hardware and software to support the conversion and safe storage of data and maps in paper form to digital form, including a solution for registration of related metadata prepared according to international standards and the EU Inspire Directive.
  3. Acquisition and installation of the hardware and software
  4. Test production /Pilot project

The Norwegian Mapping Authority will act as tender and contractual party for all acquisitions; perform payments and deliver financial reports; assist the partners with quality control of deliveries; perform training and transfer of knowledge; and participate in the Steering Board.