Background: Kyrgyzstan - a developing country

Kyrgyzstan is one of the poorest republics in the former Soviet Union. There are not many natural resources in the country, apart from land for farming and grazing. Gold and other minerals can be found, but this industry is little developed. There are around 5.5 million inhabitants from different ethnic backgrounds in Kyrgyzstan, on an area a little under 200 000 square kilometres. 900 000 people live in the capital Bishkek. There is a considerable Uzbek minority living in Kyrgyzstan and until recently the conflict level has been quite high. This makes the need for clear and secure rights in land even greater.


The project consists of three main components:

  • Establishing of six permanent reference stations for positioning services. These will complete the reference framework for the entire country and provide more accurate positioing. In addition, 30 GPS receivers will be acquired for surveying of property boundaries
  • Improvement of the IT-system for property registration. Today, this system is spread over several different components. This project will seek to harmonise the components and create one system.
  • Updating of property maps and register for 20% of the country where maps and register are still not up to date with new private properties.

This is the first time the Norwegian Mapping Authority is participating in a project in Kyrgyzstan but we have extensive experience from projects in other countries in the region, such as Azerbaijan, Armenia and Moldova. 

Other projects in Kyrgyzstan

Following the privatisation of property, the World Bank has assisted the Kyrgyz mapping authority to cater to a fast growing property market. The mapping authority has been subject to major reforms and reorganisations to be able to provide services needed for a well-functioning, modern property market. This project will build on the results from the World Bank project to further enhance the capacity of the mapping authority to handle the emerging private property market.