In a short period of time, the Portuguese have set up a modern marine geoportal, No less than 240 web services have been established, providing access to data from 10 different partners. Within a framework of NOK 1.2 million, the Mapping Authority, together with our sister organization in Iceland, has provided advice and training. Roy Mellum was the Project Manager, supported by Sabrina Grimsrud. Our Portuguese partners (EMEPC) emphasized that the advice from Norway was crucial for achieving all the goals of the EEA project.

At the closing conference in Lisbon on 19 April, data providers signed an agreement to continue cooperation on the maritime information system. At the same time, EUR 4.5 million has been applied for from the EEA funds to build it further with more data. In addition, the many partners who are now a part of this newly-built marine spatial data infrastructure feel that this is just the beginning of the work, and that the results of the project must be maintained, updated and further developed. Portugal, Norway and Iceland have a total of 50 percent of Europe's marine areas, so it is particularly well-suited for these countries to cooperate in this field.

Check out the project’s website, and also the impressive support materials the project produced for schools and children, including: YouTube movies (translated into English).