The Norwegian Mapping Authority has been involved in the continuous support to Moldova since 2006.

Real estate registration system

ALRC was using a property registration system which was established in 1990 to serve the land reform and initial land privatization in Moldova. The registration system became obsolete by 2012. It did not provide satisfactory security, and electronic access to information was limited to a few professional users only. Considering the growing need for up-to-date real estate information for land management, taxation and for several other matters in public and private sectors, ALRC/CADASTRU wanted to improving the IT solution for real estate registration. 

The purpose of the Project is to introduce an improved IT solution for registration of ownership and other rights in land, ensuring better services to users of registration and improved public access to property information, as outlined in the e-Government plan for Moldova.


The project consists of three main activities: 

  • Support from the Norwegian Mapping Authority: The Norwegian Mapping Authority provides project supervision and technical assistance to the system design, development of ICT strategy, technical requirements and specification for procurements, and quality control and assurance of deliveries and installations. 
  • Preparation of an overall ICT strategy for real estate registration (CADASTRU): The ICT strategy will facilitate the design and development of the system requirements, technical specifications and tender documents for the System procurements.
  • Development and implementation of a new Real Estate Registration System: Real estate information is an important component of a National Spatial Data Infrastructure, which Moldova will establish in conformity with the EU Inspire program for sharing and exchange of geographic data nationally and across national borders. The new IT solution for real estate registration will facilitate integrated access to a wide range of geographic information from various sources using web service; it will also be centralized. Local registration offices and external users will access the Central Database via Internet.

Real estate orthophotos ('Moldphoto')

The MOLDPHOTO project goal is to prepare up to date photomaps for the entire territory of Moldova, to support efficient, secure and transparent real estate registration and to provide access to geographic information throughout Moldova. 


In July 2014, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to support Moldova with a next generation of orthophoto maps covering the whole country. A Belgian company CICADE, with a French company IMAO as a sub-contractor, was awarded the contract. Completing a tender competition the contract for production of a new generation orthophoto was signed in Chisinau, Moldova on 22 January 2015. 

The Norwegian Mapping Authority has been involved in the continuous support to Moldova since 2006. 

In 2007, a similar project has resulted inter alia in much-needed photomaps that were made available to public via a web-portal. At that time, the only existing maps in Moldova were 20-30 years old. Needless to say that the new maps had a significant impact on the quality of public services providing access to up-to-date geographic information and supporting efficient, secure and transparent real estate registration. Decision-makers at all levels of public administration have received a useful tool for their daily work. Citizens could find their homes and parcels on the photomaps.

Aerial photography will be executed in spring 2015 and 2016 depending on the favorable weather. A new generation of orthophoto will be used in the new property registration system MOLDLIS, which is currently under development in Moldova. This project is also funded by a Norwegian grant and implemented in parallel with the Orthophoto component. 


The project consists of three main activities: 

  • Technical assistance from the Norwegian Mapping Authority: The Norwegian Mapping Authority will provide project supervision and technical assistance in the preparation of technical requirements for procurements and quality ocntrol of the deliverables. 
  • Data capture and photomaps delivery
  • Public awareness campaign

Latest activities

The International Services section coordinated a three-day training course on address issues for five of our project partners from Moldova, with the aim of putting into place a modern address system in Moldova.

Topics included: Principles of the addressing process in Norway; Costs and financing of establishing and maintaining addresses - the Norwegian price policy; Establishing the Norwegian Cadastre and its' relation to addresses; Norwegian address guidelines;  Making address information accessible to the public; and address governance.