The Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography (GUGiK) is legally responsible for providing and managing of spatial data under Directive 2007/2/WE of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 March 2007 establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE). Furthermore, the Surveyor General of Poland is a leading authority for spatial data within 15 out of 34 themes specified in the National Spatial Data Infrastructure as well as in the INSPIRE Directive.

The project determines an expansion of works conducted by the National Geodetic and Cartographic Service on the cartographic thematic elaborations related to natural environment, such as the Hydrographical Map and Sociological (Environmental) Map of Poland at scales of 1:50 000. Both elaborations are prepared in digital and analogue versions, but lack harmonized, coherent with complex data quality model and customised data model and database management system allowing universal access and integration of spatial data contained in the databases.

The data model with management system enables collection, updating, transformation, conducting spatial analysis and publication of high quality, topical spatial data on natural environment with its cartographic visualization, and will also be a first stage in development of a complex, coherent model for the official, nationwide system for collection and distribution of thematic data. The system will contain customised financing mechanisms, organisational structure, tailored IT solutions as well as necessary technical guidelines and instructions.

The project will not only contribute to efficient monitoring and managing of the natural environment in the spatial context, but will also improve conditions for operating high quality on-line services of the public sector for the purposes of environmental protection, crisis management, infrastructure, industry, agriculture and spatial planning.


The project aimed at developing a data model with database management system which enables a widespread access and use of spatial information on natural environment in Poland by expansion of the national infrastructure for spatial information and related spatial data services.

The national spatial information infrastructure, which supports the country's sustainable development and environmental protection, will be a part of the infrastructure for spatial information in the European Union. The infrastructure meets the requirements of the INSPIRE Directive along with  implementation of EU regulations into the Polish legislation.

The main goal of the project was compliance with legislation for environmental protection and management through improved monitoring and inspection, leading to improved quality and reliability of data.


1. Strengthened capacity of environmental authorities in relation to integrated planning and control:

  • Developing a new edition of control system; facilitate inspection and support monitoring programmes
  • Improving skills and access of public administration and environmental authorities to hydrological and hydrographical spatial data provided in monitoring and control of environment.

2. Improved environmental information on impact, status and trends:

  • Modernising on-line air quality monitoring and internet service for air quality data
  • Modelling of spatial information and databases made compatible with the technologies and systems widely used within the EU.

3. Increased awareness of and education in environmental monitoring and integrated planning and control:

  • Increasing knowledge of air quality monitoring
  • Increasing knowledge of inspection activities